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In response to someone who still comes by this blog, yes, I have graduated (few months ago actually). So yes, speaking to you as a doctor. Not the useful kind. Still impressed that people drop by every now and then. I came today to actually delete this blog and then well, ended up writing here instead. No, not married. Probably will never be. Still with same guy, if that counts towards anything. He does not make me overwhelming happy, which is what I aspire to have and know is possible because I have had that before. But he's very good for me. He loves me a lot. And responds to my flaws impressively. I'm still having a quarter life crisis (it's been a 4-6 year quarter-life crisis? think it's just called my life) i.e. not sure whom I am going to end up with, unemployed (and don't even care), depressed, anxious, suicidal. Hah, can you imagine, I'll be 27 in 2 months' time. Can't even believe I'm saying that on a webpage that I started, what, 10 years ago? When I wasn't even an... (more)


During the first Presidential Debate New York City was used as an example of effective use of stop- and frisk, when it was in effect. Here are the statistics. ..Stop-and-frisk, as it was practiced in New York City, was ineffective in reducing violent crime. But it had an overwhelmingly disproportionate impact on young black and Latino men. The New York Police Department’s data shows that 90 percent of stops conducted under stop-and-frisk were young men of color who had done nothing wrong. And the level of racial profiling went from discriminatory to absurd: In 2011, more young black men were stopped and frisked than there were young black men living in New York City. This suggests that many young men were stopped multiple times. That same year, weapons were found on 1.8 percent of black and Latino people who were stopped, but on 3.8 percent of white people who were stopped — nearly double the rate. Racism is America’s original sin, and we... (more)

Argh Not The Pony
This is north south east and western
Since coming back from Bestival I'm not really sure what I've done! I think it's random bullet point style stuff so here goes... Went for a coffee with Damon and to the pub with Abi and Laura which was so nice despite the fact it was fuckin HounslowWent to Cafe Venice with Sebastian which was v nice, chilled with him and then went to see Bridget Jones's Baby with Amy and Alice the next day Went to Hounslow and Tesco with mum in one day, got an iPhone 6S Gym after work!!! For the first time in forever!!! Alex came round for curry and a beer and it was so sick, #banter was had and I'm gonna miss him when he's at uniWent to Topolski with Sebastian after work last week and had a drink and then went home and watched Gogglebox :-) and on the Saturday went to Wimbledon and Kingston with Rachel and Abi and the clubs were kind of shit but it was so nice to go out!Sunday I spent with my grandparents and then went for a walk which was v niceMonday I went for after work drinks with Amy which... (more)

Word Bank
Want to create a word bank for Spanish words? All you need is a box such as a shoe box or other box, a pair of scissors, and paper. Collect words you have recently learned and write them on paper. Cut them up and put them in the box. You can inspect it monthly to see how many words you have learned. You can also cut up words you see in a newspaper. Keep two columns titled, "words I know" and "words I don't know." Choose words you know and write them on paper. You can make it an activity to learn the words you don't know and eventually add them to the word bank. Keep a tally of how many words you learn in a month. It will be exciting to see your progress each month. Saving words will become a natural habit, and you will be surprised at how much you can really learn.

asap program week 2
Today was my second day at James Gettys Elementary school. I was excited to see the students and was hoping that they would like the recipe for this week. Our theme was apples and I talked to kids about how apples are in a lot of desserts. The dessert we made today was called apple pie in a cup. It was a simple version that kids could do in a short period of time. Most of the students liked the recipe and had a lot to say. One of the girls in the class brought her apron from home which I thought was really cute. Some of the roles I played in this lesson was to show them how to dice an apple, tell them when to mix certain ingredients, and clean up the kitchen after we finished cooking. Overall, I am very pleased with my lesson. It went very smooth and took the whole time. Before the students left, we gave them a survey on how they felt and we received many good ratings for this recipe.

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